We’re on a mission to extend and improve the quality of life through technology powered by our own cells.

We believe being healthy is a universal right, one that satisfies us and makes us feel secure. We also embrace finding fulfillment in serving others, keeping our loved ones safe and doing good for the planet for generations to come. Things can change quickly. The future can oftentimes seem unclear, globally and in our own communities. As individuals we strive to live our healthiest life possible, to add years to our life and life to our years. In a world where our health is vulnerable and times can be uncertain, we want people to be prepared and in control. That world is powered by GoodCell.

GoodCell’s platform is uniquely powered by the combination of personal biobanking, diagnostics and data.

Personal Biobanking

GoodCell Personal Biobanking empowers you with key indicators to inform better options for your health. We store your cells, DNA, and blood plasma for when you need them the most, assess genetic predisposition and track your health over time.


GoodCell Diagnostics is the data driver for assessing cell quality and health risks for individuals and populations. Through genetic analysis of inherited variants and acquired mutations along with biomarker tracking we provide actionable insights for researchers, clinicians, cell manufacturers and patients. These data can accelerate advancement of emerging therapies and empower individuals.

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